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Archived URLs Cited in First Circuit Opinions

The following chart lists all First Circuit opinions issued since 2011 that cite to internet addresses (URLs). Because some links found in court opinions change over time or disappear altogether, this list is provided to closely capture, to the degree possible, what the court was referencing at the time the opinion was released.

Using the URL referenced in the opinion, the original copy is saved with a watermark to denote the document’s archived status. Every effort is made by the First Circuit Library to capture, as closely as possible, the material cited in an opinion at the time of its release. Capture dates, when they appear on the material, may not match the "as visited" date contained in an opinion's citation to that material.

The opinions can be sorted by docket number, case name, and the decision date. Click on the docket number to view the court's opinion. Click on the pdf link to retrieve the archived copy of the website. Copy and paste the URL in your browser to link to the current site. Note that not all addresses listed may still be active.

20-2195     decided 05/13/2021   ( Sierra Club v. US Dept of the Army Corps of Engineers )
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